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Devotionals & Clinical Articles


Here is a topical list of devotionals written by our counselors that we hope will minister to you.  These are an expression of ideas and concepts that God teaches us through our work with the people who come for counseling.  As we counsel, we also learn and grow from the therapeutic process.  As we help others, we also are helped.  Therefore, a spiritual growth process includes both the client and the counselor.  The insights and spiritual lessons that are learned are the subject matter of these devotionals.

       It is our prayer that you will be ministered to and blessed by what God is teaching all of us here at Grace Counseling Ministries.  Choose a devotional topic from one of the links below.

Inspirational Devotionals


Help My Unbelief

Lean Not On Your Understanding

Amazing Grace

God Cares For You

Being and Doing

Remembering Hope

Am I the only one to Suffer, Why Me?

Emotions and Feelings

Devotionals About Jesus

Marriage and Family

Women's Issues

The Christian Walk

Faith and Counseling

Prayer in Counseling

Clinical Articles


Explaining Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


"We are writing these things so that you may fully share our joy."

1 John 1:4