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 "Lean not on your own understanding!"

    The country is divided, the threat of war ensues, our homeland security has been threatenedWe need Jesus!!!  More than ever we need the Lord.  We need His peace.  We need to trust that He is in control, He is sovereign, He is Lord, not any terrorist, or any world leader, or any government.  We can and need to trust Him.

     I, as well as many of my clients need to be reminded of this, daily.  There are many different voices on the television and radio telling us what is happening in our world today.  Each “breaking news” that we hear can shape and direct our understanding in ways that has the ability to elevate our fears.   There are, and probably will be in the days to come, the reminder that moment by moment we will need to refocus our perspectives to be centered on Him.  I am reminded of this passage in Proverbs:   

  Proverbs 3:5,6:    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

               And lean not on your own understanding;

               In all your ways acknowledge Him,

                 And He shall direct your paths.


     I believe that the writer of this proverb purposely coupled these ideas together.  Trusting the Lord can be developed when we are not leaning on our own understanding.  When we hold tightly to our own ideas, we can miss the Lord.  I am not talking about the deep unchangeable truths of the Scriptures.  I am talking about my ideas that keep me from seeing the Lord in the events of today.  The ‘hidden’ fears and doubts within our hearts can be a louder voice than that still small voice that says, “trust me” no matter what the situation, no matter how the circumstances look, no matter what your fears are telling you!  

      As we are trusting in His guidance, His leadership, His sovereignty, His love and not leaning on our perspectives, our viewpoints, and our opinions we will be more open to “acknowledge Him” as our God and Lord.  As we acknowledge, yield, and give way to Him, because He is a loving father who cares, and is guiding with love, we will be more open to allow Him to direct our paths.  Take heart, it is not always easy to keep this perspective.   

     So I want to encourage you, and let’s encourage each other to continue on in believing that He is in control and that no matter what the circumstances that we can trust in Him and not have to lean on our own understanding.

               With encouragement,  David L. Brower, MSW, LCSW


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