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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Are your counselors Born Again Believers?

Answer:  Yes.  All of the counselors that work at Grace are Born again believers.  You can read our bios by clicking this link and/ or you can refer to the "GCM Core Beliefs page"

Question:  Are your counselors licensed therapists?

Answer:  Yes.  All of the counselors have at least a master's degree from an accredited college or university and are licensed in the State of New Jersey.  You can read more about us on the bio page.

Question:  How do I begin the process to come to counseling? 

Answer:  You can call Grace Counseling directly (973) 628-0234 and leave a message on the voicemail for one of our counselors.  If you have read our bio's and are still not sure who to speak with, when you call, let the call go into voicemail in the general line and someone will get back to you asap as your call is very important to us. 

Question:  What are your office hours?

Answer: Each therapist has different office hours.  Most of our therapists have availability during the late morning hours until evening for appointments during the week.  You can discuss this further on the phone with the therapist you feel comfortable to contact.

Question:  Will my insurance company pay for my counseling?

Answer:  Most of our clients who have insurance usually get some coverage for counseling.  However, we would recommend calling your insurance company prior to setting up an appointment if you want to make sure of this issue.  Some insurance companies require preauthorization prior to coming to counseling. 

Another factor to consider is that insurance companies do not reimburse for marriage counseling.  This is because a marriage cannot be diagnosed; only an individual can be diagnosed.  If you want to work on your marital issues, we can discuss if one person is able to be diagnosed to be able to get reimbursement from your insurance company.

Question:  What are your fees?

Answer: Please call our agency to discuss this further.  We are comfortable discussing this issue with you and are sensitive to people's situations.

Keep in mind that there are often creative ways to make the process of counseling happen for people with a financial need. It is our experience that most people are able to work it out and can afford to come to counseling at Grace, even when finances are an issue. At Grace Counseling, we have a ministry mindset and try to help financially as we are able. 

Please know that we will do our best to assist you on this matter so that you can get the counseling you need.


"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork."

Psalm 19:1