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Here is a list of Paul's devotionals.  They are written through his many years of helping his clients as well as his own personal life experience.  It is our hope that you can get to know him better through his writings...

You can also link to his writings through the devotionals & clinical articles page.

Inspirational Devotionals

Creativity Amazing Grace God Cares For You


Emotions and Feelings

Rejection The Value of Feelings The Pain We Carry


Devotionals About Jesus

Jesus is Faithful The Assertive Jesus Jesus and Underdogs


Marriage and Family

Intimacy and Adultury Respect and Romance The 3 Sides of Love
Discipling Your Children Healthy Church? Understanding Each Other


The Christian Walk

Authenticity The Process... Are You Too Passive?
Tested by God Good Enough Christian The Balanced Christian

Faith and Counseling

Prayer in Counseling

Clinical Articles

These will specifically address various emotional struggles and issues (please note these articles are not comprehensive and merely a starting point for learning about such issues).


Explaining Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Please also enjoy Paul's book, "Get Real: A Call for Authenticity in the Church."